We help schools and businesses prepare for targeted violence events 

Thoughtful training that aligns with your safety mission.

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(Anonymous U.S. Navy SEAL)

Active Killer Prevention & Response Training



  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices
  • School Violence and Intervention Strategies

Business Owners

  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices
  • WorkplaceĀ Violence and Intervention Strategies
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Teachers and Staff

  • Understanding Targeted Violence and the Mindset of an Active Killer
  • How to Identify, Assess, and Engage Concerning Behaviors
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Crisis and Suicide Intervention


What our customers think! 

School Administrator

SafeDefend is so important to my staff and my school community, I wouldn’t work in another district without it

Business Owner

I feel that this system has proven methods that can change and save lives.


I feel equipped. This system takes the guesswork out of school defense...I feel better prepared. More confident to protect.

Dr. Greg Vecchi 

SafeDefend Director of Training

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): 

Conflict Analysis & Resolution

  • Retired Chief of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit
  • Career FBI Crisis Negotiator
  • Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
  • Former FBI National Academy Instructor
  • Recognized International Expert in Behavioral Threat Assessment, Threat Prevention, and Threat Response
  • Author of “Fatal Grievances: Forecasting and Preventing Active Killer Threats in School, Campus, and Workplace Settings”
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It's time to start being proactive and prevent the next active killer attack before it occurs!


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Lessons learned and white papers to help you understand where others have failed.

We help teachers, administrators, and business owners prepare and understand how to manage targeted violent events.

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How to talk with your kids about targeted violence

Jul 07, 2023

Welcome to the SafeDefend Academy Blog!

May 04, 2023


Aerobics is a great way to burn calories and reach your fitness goals. Dance and cardio are the perfect aerobic pairing. Incorporate the two and keep yourself motivated like never before. 

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Heightening Awareness & Preparing to Respond to Hostile Intruders

Enhance understanding of how we respond in a crisis. The importance of post-incident trauma options. Explanation of how an over-reliance on emergency responders leads to unnecessary casualties.

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Left of Bang

Learn how to identify students and employees who are struggling in order to stop a potential active shooter event.  It's time to be proactive and take care of one another.

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Are you prepared?

“You don’t rise to the occasion; you sink to the level of your training.” 

-Anonymous Navy SEAL.

It's time to prepare you, your staff and your students for the unthinkable. The information included in this checklist may save your life. 

What can you expect from SafeDefend Academy?

We are all about ensuring that you and your team are prepared to identify the potential for a targeted violent event and have the tools to react if it ever happens.  

Left of Bang

You'll burn calories and learn fun dance techniques.

Evacuate, Evade, Engage (Run, Hide, Fight)

We’ll mix it up: different tools, different moves, a different pace each class.

SafeDefend System Training and Certification

Every class can be personalized to fit your fitness needs and restrictions. 



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  • Understand How to React to a Targeted Violent Event
  • Get Certified on the SafeDefend System
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